Ammi’s Adventures: A 4-Minute Self-Awareness Meditation for Kids

This engaging meditation uses the energy and imagery of a rose to foster inner connection and emotional regulation. Follow the guided practice and join your child on a mindful adventure.

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Welcome to the world of Ammi—a mindfulness adventure series for young children. Ammi is a wise and gentle child who leads the way as we explore ourselves and one another through the natural world. Each story uses guided imagery to inspire inner connection and support emotional regulation. These simple meditations recognize the importance of imagination as a foundation for conscious creation in the world. They bridge the physical, the energetic, the emotional, and all the spaces in between. Whether in the home or classroom, you can engage in these special practices with children of all ages. Read them aloud together, listen to the guided meditation, and welcome the time to process and integrate the practice.

Ammi’s Adventures: What If You Were a Rose?

Hi! I’m Ammi. My name means “the whole world is inside of me,” and I think it’s true: I carry the whole world in my mind and heart and body. I know you do, too! I like to play games, explore, and discover what makes me, me. I’m so glad we’re together on this journey! 

I love to imagine! It’s my favorite super power. Some days I fly, some days I dive, some days I am blue with pink polka dots. Some days my imagination makes me invisible at just the right moment, and some days I grow bigger than a mountain. I use my imagination to explore what I’m feeling inside my body and my heart. My imagination helps me get to know myself and be my very best friend. 

Let’s practice together! 

A Four-Minute Meditation for Kids  

Ammi’s Adventures: A 4-Minute Self-Awareness Meditation for Kids

  • 4:26
  1. Find a place to settle in. Lie down on a soft rug or sit in a supportive chair. Be somewhere you feel safe and comfortable and bring your attention to the movement of your breath flowing in and out of your nose and mouth. Notice how it gently pulls your chest up and down, and maybe your belly too. In and out, up and down, as it cleanses, clears, and soothes you. Our breath is one of our best friends. Thank you, breath! 
  1. Now, softly close your eyes or look with your inner eyes. Let your superpowers imagine yourself as a rose right now. Look at all the details. What color is the rose? Red, pink, green, black? Is the rose a small young bud tightly shut, a blossoming flower fully opened, or somewhere in between? How are your rose’s petals? Are they browning at the edges or are they bright? What about your stem? Is it strong and solid or wobbly and bending? What about thorns? Are they big or small? Are there a lot of them or none at all? 
  1. Now look at the whole picture of your rose. Is it vibrant and healthy? Do you get the sense there is something your rose needs? Imagine taking your rose and bringing it to your nose. What does it smell like? Breathe it in. If something about the rose doesn’t suit you, change it. This is your rose, a reflection of you. Does your rose need water, or sun, or maybe some new soil? Give it what it needs. Thank you, superpowers! 
  1. Talk to your rose, either quietly or out loud. Ask it, “can you share a message with me? What do I most need to know about myself right now?” Listen for it to whisper to you and wonder with it. How does your rose reflect you? What does it show you about what you are thinking or feeling or experiencing or doing? What does it want to teach you? 
  1. Feel yourself opening like a rose. Listen to what your rose has to say. It may be very, very quiet, or it may be loud and clear. Maybe it’s a sensation you feel in your heart or your belly or somewhere else in your body. Maybe it’s something you’ve never experienced before. Take a few small breaths while you take it all in. Thank you, rose! 

We have so many superpowers! We can use them to get to know ourselves every day. Our very best friend is always by our side, waiting to hold our heart and listen to our gifts. And thank you, ME. Thank you, YOU! 

Love from your friend, Ammi. 

Try This: 

Some people say imagining isn’t real. But if I can see, feel, and sense something then it’s real to me. My experience is what creates meaning in my life and no one can take that away from me. It’s a source of my power. My own special superpower. Keep imagining and exploring. It’s how you create your reality! If you enjoyed this meditation, here are a few more things to notice about your rose. 

  • What time of day is it? 
  • Is the sun shining on your rose, or is it night time? 
  • Where is your rose located? 
  • Is it in a park, or on the side of a road, or in a blooming garden. 
  • Is your rose on its own or are there other roses alongside it?
  • What do all these things tell you about what’s happening inside of you? 
  • What have you learned about yourself from your rose?

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